Jan. 13th, 2014

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The theme for this post is zombie movies. First of all we have the global zombie apocalypse movie "World War Z", supposedly intended to have a connection to the popular novel, but more of a zombie movie if taken from the perspective of the UN instead of from the perspective of small isolated groups of survivors.

Secondly, I review the intentionally cheesy 80s buddy-cop movie "Dead Heat".

Finally I've included the movie "Citadel", another horror movie from 2013. "Citadel" focusses on hoodies rather than zombies, but the hoodies come to seem more and more like a special kind of zombie as the movie progresses (which isn't so strange considering that the zombies in "28 Days Later" were infected with a virus which produced the rage-fuelled behaviour of a savage mob).

World War Z (2013)

I seem to remember being told that this wasn't that good. Am I really such a zombie fanatic that I'll accept any old rubbish? Seriously, this was great! Okay, so I haven't read the book. I understand that it most likely has very little relation to the book at all. I've heard it suggested that this film would have been much more widely accepted had it been given its own distinctive title like "Zombie Tornado" rather than the title of an existing book. Still, as a zombie movie which looks at the global scale of the zombie apocalypse scenario rather than simply the carnage in individual spots this was pretty awesome.

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Dead Heat (1988)

I heard about this movie from the podcast "Filmsack". They often deal with cheesy movies and this is no exception, but the premise was just so intriguing I had to check it out. This is a campy buddy-cop-comedy movie with zombies. The two detectives (one sensible, one making wise cracks all the time), discover that some criminals are actually zombies brought back to life by a machine. When one of the two officers is killed in the line of duty his partner is able to strap his body into this contraption so that he can be revived as a clear-thinking zombie and help to catch the people who killed him.

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Citadel (2012)

I've been waiting for this one for a long time. While I'd seen a few reviews, all I had really grasped in advance was that it is a horror movie somehow linked with a fear of hoodies. The last time I saw a movie dealing with that, it was the movie "Heartless" where the lead character seemed to be hallucinating that under the hood they were some strange kind of lizard people. "Heartless" had an interesting urban fantasy set-up. It had a fairytale-esque story where a strange kind of demonic figure living at the top of a block of flats offers the lead character the opportunity to undo his facial scarring. However, the ending felt like a bit of a cop-out.

Left: Portrayal of scary hoodies in "Citadel". Right: Portrayal of scary hoodies in "Heartless".
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