Jan. 27th, 2014

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Frozen (2013)

I had high hopes when I heard this was made by the creators of Tangled. Then I had low expectations when I saw the trailer. Then I was suddenly told it was marvellous by everyone. So the other week, we finally decided to give it a go. (Great thing about childrens' movies is that they stay in the cinema for weeks and weeks.)

Now there were three things that I loved about "Tangled". The hair effects (particularly when she does a whole action-movie bit swinging across a chasm), the horse (OMG the horse! So funny!) and the relationship between the daughter and her mother. It was cool the way we had a villain who felt like a real person for a change. And it was even rather creepy the way that the mother figure was possessive and manipulative like you'd expect from a real person rather than, say, Skeletor.

There was something I really didn't like about Tangled though. It wasn't a huge issue, but it did leave it with an "A-" instead of an "A+". That was the songs. I hated the songs. I found every song was a period of time I would have to sit and wait for things to start happening again. It was never something I actually enjoyed.

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Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Okay so ironically we move from a film where the worst thing for me was the songs (Frozen), to a film where the best thing about the film was the songs.

I love the Coen Brothers' movies a lot and it has come to my attention that every single last one of them is a black comedy. Heck, even something that seems pretty light-hearted like "Raising Arizona" is about a couple who kidnap a baby. That should not be sweet and cheerful stuff. The sweet and cheerful portrayal is not because the Coens' don't care about baby kidnapping, but because there's a darker side to the story. There's a cheerful nihilism in the background of the Coens' movies, laughing at the misfortunes of the characters. Heck, what other filmmakers would start a movie with a man happily doing a running job in order to commit suicide from his office building? ("The Hudsucker Proxy" btw.)

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