Jan. 30th, 2014

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I decided to check out the wikipedia page for "Radioactive Dreams" and it said that the style of music counted as "New Wave". Looking at the wikipedia page for "New Wave" it seems to be some kind of code for "nearly every single band or artist you have ever loved". Either that or the people contributing to the page just felt like name-dropping cool bands as often as possible.

I mean check out this list of some of the bands mentioned on the "New Wave Music" page on wikipedia:
The Specials

Public Image Ltd
Siouxsie and the Banshees
Joy Division
The Cure
Roxy Music
Talking Heads
The Police
No Doubt
The Strokes
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Franz Ferdinand
Bloc Party
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Halloween (1978)

One element that I've always felt was the main strength of "Halloween" is the way that it is, at heart, a monster movie. This distinguishes it from other slashers like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Black Christmas".

While, Leatherface in "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is a nightmarish figure, in the end he's just a weird guy who likes to wear other people's faces. The (horrendous) Plantinum Dunes remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" tried to change this somewhat and it just didn't feel like a "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" movie to me as a result. The more recent "Texas Chainsaw" reinstated Leatherface's inner vulnerability (even if that movie wasn't any good either).

But it is only when we get to the series more closely following Carpenter's approach to the genre that we get the real 'monsters'. The lumbering Jason from the "Friday the 13th" sequels and Freddy from the "Nightmare on Elm Street" series. (See my reviews for both those series here.) Watching them run around causing havoc is not really so far removed from Dracula or even Godzilla. A central inhuman villain with a supernatural side to them where we are excited by their pattern of attack and keen to figure out their potential weaknesses.

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