Feb. 19th, 2014

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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

We've had the 'Return', the 'Revenge' and now the 'Curse'. However, this time the title actually has some relevance to the content of the film. We start the movie in some kind of strange institution. Grown-up Jamie is having a baby which is then taken away and has some kind of occult ritual down on it. Then Jamie is given the opportunity to get out of there just before Myers steps in and starts murdering people. The whole thing is totally nuts.

Loomis appears at the beginning announcing in a tired but happy voice that he is now retired as his claim to fame as the man who stopped Michael Myers on previous Halloweens is announced on the radio. While this is clearly an indication that he's not going to be staying retired, Loomis really doesn't seem up to the job here and not without good reason. The dedication "in memory of Donald Pleasence" actually appears at the end. This was Pleasence's last movie and watching it I almost felt complicit in his death. It practically feels like Pleasence is slowly dying as the movie progresses.

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