Mar. 23rd, 2014

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Saw some trailers recently that look really cool. Is it because someone is good at editing or is it because the movies are actually going to be good? Hmmm....

The Protector 2
Well let's start with the one I'm most convinced will be as awesome as it looks. Prachya Pinkaew has directed some amazing action movies, because he doesn't just have great fight choreographers, but he also knows how to make the fights varied, exciting and how to film them to capture the fighting in interesting ways. He was responsible for "Ong Bak", "Chocolate" and "The Protector" (the last of which was released in the UK as "Warrior King") and now he's releasing this awesome-looking sequel "The Protector 2". Check out the trailer below!

(video link)

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For
Actually this next one is from a director I'm very fond of too: Robert Rodriguez. I'm not hearing great things about "Machete Kills", but until I see that for myself I'm going to continue to assert that he's great whenever he's not making the "Spy Kids" children's movie rubbish. His next film is a star-studded sequel to the awesome "Sin City". Sure, Frank Miller gets to pretend to be a co-director once again and it's no secret that he went a bit nuts recently. But in the end, this is Rodriguez' show. ("The Spirit" made pretty clear which 'director' was actually responsible for making "Sin City" the hit that it was.)

(video link)

The Signal
This looks a bit like a live-action Akira, but it's clearly its own film. Lawrence Fishburne plays the government guy who is going to explain to our protagonist what is happening to him, but it's clear from the trailers that his mysterious powers are going to consume him and end up being unleashed violently.

(video link)


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