Mar. 24th, 2014

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In Fear (2013)
It's interesting that the "Agents of Shield" series, which was set off to be a vehicle for background character, seems to have two background characters who out-do everyone else in the cast. I am, of course, referring to the two scientists Fitz and Simmons. Why do I bring this up here? Because Iain De Caestecker, who plays Fitz in "Agents of Shield" is one of the main actors here.

He's a strong actor and was able to give a lot of charm to his role during what I suppose you might call 'the boring bits' of the movie. Similarly strong here is Alice Englert who I haven't seen anything before. The two leads have great chemistry here.

In Fear starts off strong with a couple trying to find a hotel and getting lost in endless winding roads surrounded by high trees and high bushes. The signs seem to point them in circles, the phone reception is awful, the satnav in the car is on the blink and it's hard to know whether it is just pure bad luck or malign human agency keeping them from their destination.

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