Apr. 5th, 2014

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Okay okay, so perhaps it should have been obvious.

Still, I've always taken it as read that when Ricky Gervais is acting like a mean obnoxious bully it is actually all an act. After all, he often plays characters that get mocked a fair bit themselves, so they idea that he would have a bullying mentality in real life seemed to me to be somewhat unlikely.

Whether Gervais is doing tv or movies or stand-up it always seemed likely that we weren't seeing the personal opinions of Ricky Gervais. "He MUST be presenting a fabricated persona," I always thought.

However, that illusion was shattered when I listened to the Kermode and Mayo podcast for last week. Simon Mayo interviewed Ricky Gervais in relation to his role in the recent Muppets sequel. Naturally Gervais is just as likely to be putting on a persona during an interview as anywhere else, but the nature of the interview, promoting a childrens' Muppets movie, put Gervais' comments completely at odds with any kind of carefully planned role-playing.

Simon Mayo puts forward his claim to high levels of Muppets fandom when he notes that he bought the Muppets album on vinyl when it was released back in the 70s. Ricky Gervais' response is actually to mock Mayo for this level of fandom. And if that was where it stopped that might have been okay, but Gervais' laughter at his own joke runs into hysterics and takes on a very mean and spiteful air.

Now if this is just a persona and not Gervais' real life opinion, then why is it put forward in an interview intended to promote the Muppets movie? Surely mocking the old Muppets album would be a pretty poor way to market the new Muppets movie, quite possibly alienating fans.

And things actually (somehow) get even worse. Once he's spent a while laughing at the idea of anyone being excited by the Muppets album, Gervais then makes an analogy with a teacher in his school. The teacher apparently admitted to crying during a movie and had to leave the school due to the embarrassment caused by mockery from pupils.

There's something very immature about Gervais' attitude. It's the old schoolyard bully mentality of mocking other people to make yourself look good. And the analogy with the teacher in school seems like a pretty clear admission that Ricky Gervais WAS that kind of schoolyard bully and he seems to remain one to this day.

Simon Mayo's original interview with Ricky Gervais is still available here:

(video link)

After the interview, undeterred by Gervais' immature mockery, Mayo played this rather cool song from the Muppets album (making use of a Gilbert and Sullivan song).

(video link)

About everything you could ever want from Ricky Gervais' brand of comedy is found in a very short section of the Matthew Vaughn movie "Stardust". Just 2 short minutes and you've no real need to see anything he does ever again - and I really hope I never do.
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Noah (2014)

I've loved every single film Darren Aronofsky has ever made, so naturally I was extremely excited to see Aronofsky's sixth film. The decision to make a big budget movie about Noah seemed rather strange, but that just made it more interested to see what Aronofsky would do with the concept.

Perhaps it was so quick that I missed it, but the UK version of the film seemed to be missing the production company's disclaimer about how much they respect people who are strict believers in the original Bible story. While I can see why Bible literalists might be upset about the movie considering that they seem to get upset over everything, I think that, if anything, this movie stayed too true to the source material. There are a few points where it seems to hold true to the source material to a greater extent than the graphic novel.

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