Apr. 6th, 2014

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The figure above is Tubal-Cain, the villain played brilliantly by Ray Winstone in the "Noah" movie.

There were a few important differences between the Noah movie and the excellent graphic novel. One element which I already mentioned in my review was the way the introduction was handled. In the movie there's a long explanation of the early parts of the Book of Genesis.

It should probably be noted that in explaining the Cain and Abel story, the movie fails to mention that Cain made a vegetable offering to God while Abel offered an animal sacrifice (which God apparently approved of more). That might be slightly at odds with Cain's descendants in the movie being meat eaters while Noah's family (descended from Seth) are vegetarians.

From now on you should be warned that there may be SPOILERS for the movie "Noah" (and, of course, for the graphic novel). I shall be working through both in the same order found in the films, so the earlier parts of this article will relate to earlier parts of the film or graphic novel. So the further through you go, the more spoilery it will get. You have been spoiler-warned!


Setting up the world of the Noah re-interpretation
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Noah's family values...
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The role of Japeth
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The ending of the story. How important is Biblical accuracy?
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