Apr. 8th, 2014

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The Conjuring (2013)
My reaction to "The Conjuring" was pretty predictable. I hate most ghost movies (a notable exception being Ti West's "The Innkeepers") and I dislike movies filled with jump scares where the main focus is on startling the audience rather than building up a genuine atmosphere.

Still, I heard a lot of people praising "The Conjuring" which made me wonder whether there might be more to it. In actual fact, the real life story of the frauds perpetrated by the Warrens actually made me even more interested to check out the film. Films are all about suspending disbelief and I had no doubt that a really great horror movie could come from a ridiculously overblown version of the Warrens' antics.

While it will come as no surprise to hear that I didn't like "The Conjuring", my specific reaction seems rather atypical even amongst the films detractors. You see, this film begins by telling the story of a doll called Anabelle. The doll has been inhabited by some kind of spirit and it scares inhabitants of the flat by appearing in random locations and writing creepy words on the walls in red crayon.

I was immediately reminded of Child's Play, except that I had never found the bare-bones premise of the possessed doll quite as funny as I did here. I couldn't help myself. I completely cracked up. It didn't help that the young women in the flat had completely failed to consider, say, throwing the dol in the trash. Nor did they ever seem to consider the possibility that their flat might have been broken into or that someone was playing a prank on them. However, they DO decide to consult a medium (long before they get around to contacting the Warrens). The characters completely freaking out because a doll is sitting not moving IN THE WRONG PLACE. What's more when they gasp at the presence of red crayons NEXT TO THE DOLL'S HANDS. And the dramatic horror-movie music is not helping me to take things seriously either.

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