Jul. 12th, 2014

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I've got 12 trailers to post. (First 4 here) So here's another 4 of them.

5. Foxcatcher

(video link)
(imdb link)
UK release date: 9 January 2015
(In case that's unclear, that means it'll probably be out in December 2014 in the US to make it a prominent title in the Oscar season. *checks US release date* - November in the US. Same difference.)
Channing Tatum has come a long way. There was an earlier trailer which I found a bit bizarre, but here we really get the sense of how disturbing this will be. There's some strange power games and some questioning of the motives of the characters. Steve Carrell is playing a distinctly non-comedic role for a change as a creepy trainer and Channing Tatum is playing a self-destructive professional wrestler. (Olympic wrestling, not that WWE stuff.) Apparently this is all based on a true story. It looks like this could be really cool. This is from the director of "Capote" and, while I'm not big on sports, this looks a lot more interesting than his last film "Moneyball".

6. The Drop

(video link)
(imdb link)
UK release date:
14 November 2014
Crime thriller with Tom Hardy and seemingly one of the last movies to feature the late James Gandolfini (Tony Soprano from "The Sopranos" tv series). It's not entirely clear that this will be brilliant from the trailer. I'm mainly going by the cast. Still, this looks worth keeping an eye on.

7. The Protector 2

(video link)
(imdb link)
UK release date (straight to DVD under the title "Warrior King 2"): 1 September (2014)
The martial artist Tony Jaa (from "Ong Bak") reunites with the excellent martial arts director
Prachya Pinkaew (director of "Chocolate", "The Protector" and "Ong Bak") and it looks absolutely crazy. The great thing about Prachya Pinkaew is how he handles the spectacle. There was a lot of praise for "The Raid" the other year and I was really confused because I was bored for much of the film. There's a difference between showing exceptional martial arts work on screen and making it visually interesting to an audience who do not practice martial arts. I'm sure that for martial arts fans, the action in "The Raid" was incredible, but for me it felt repetitive and lacking in spectacle. Prachya Pinkaew's films are crammed full of exciting settings, interesting props all with exciting camera angles. The choreography must be a nightmare to put together, but the end product is so worth it.

The Ghastly Love of Johnny X

(video link)
(imdb link)
UK release date: 7 November 2012 (at a film festival - No cinema or DVD release dates as of yet...)
The first actor to appear on screen in Kevin McCarthy (from "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "UHF") so that instantly made me happy, but I must admit that he's the only actor I recognise here. Still, the trailer looks utterly crazy and I cannot help but be intrigued. A black and white sci-fi musical comedy, seemingly set in the 50s. Bizarre, but it just looks like so much fun!


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