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Frances Ha (2012)

Anyone familiar with the tv series "Girls" will find a lot of similarities in the scatty lead character and the sweet yet embarrassing socially-awkward humour. (Also anyone uncomfortable with the nudity in "Girls" will probably find themselves a lot more at ease with this movie.)

"Frances Ha" is an excellent comedy about young professionals living in New York. Our protagonist is a dancer who is, unsurprisingly for someone living in New York, finding it hard to make ends meet.

In the opening scenes we are introduced in a sort of montage to two characters who are the absolute best of friends. Frances even describes them as being like a lesbian couple who don't have sex any more. Very early in the film our protagonist basically dumps her boyfriend because he suggests she live with him rather than her bff.

I found myself consistently amused and often laughing out loud. The protagonist is a quirky yet believable and a realistically flawed figure. Admittedly the ending is a bit of "well haven't we been through so much *sigh*" kind of an ending, but the rest of the film is funny enough and has enough emotional depth to warrant it. (And heck, what did I expect? A big wedding like the end of a Jane Austen adaptation?)

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