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Hmmm... I'm not really liking this.

In fact, to be frank I felt like "Time of the Doctor" was very nearly as bad as Russell T. Davies' "End of Time" travesty. So even before starting the first episode of Series Eight of NuWho I already felt like Doctor Who was somewhat in the doghouse. (Which is a pity, because I really really enjoyed the 50th Anniversary Special.)

So a few things everybody else has probably noted already:
Spoilers... )

But the weirdest bit for me was this: What was Jenny clapping about???

Clara essentially seems to be saying to Vastra "oh you totally fancy me" and then Jenny starts clapping. It makes no sense to me.

The best explanation I can come up with right now is that Jenny was finding the whole argument as tiresome and awkward as I was and was just desperate to get to a point where it was over and done with.

Can anyone else help me out with this? Why was Jenny clapping?

Other LJ friends have had the following to say about the new Doctor Who episode (and please let me know if I missed you out or if you'd like your link removed from here):
Sabotabby - Liked it
Shadowkat67 - Liked it
Xerinmichellex - Didn't like it

Oh my goodness, suddenly it all makes sense. Ben frikkin' Wheatley was directing!
Doctor Who generally thrives on its comedy, so who could possibly worse for the job of directing the episode than a guy who made a whole comedy movie which wasn't funny?

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There's been this thing recently where newcomers to Doctor Who are getting upset whenever the actor playing the Doctor changes and instantly complaining about the new replacement. They are also realising that the one they like the best often has some connection with when they began to watch the show. "That was MY Doctor" they say.

I can get behind this theory pretty easily because personally MY Doctor has always been Sylvester McCoy. A lot of old school Whovians thought he was a bad choice, but for me he defined what Doctor Who is supposed to be. This Doctor had a mixture of silliness and darkness to him. He has an odd way of speaking which I did not realise at the time was a result of him covering up his remote Scottish accent. As a result he has a tendency to roll his rs which is actually something I've always loved about his performance.

The first Doctor Who story I ever saw was "Remembrance of the Daleks", but I hadn't realised at the time quite how important it was that I came to Doctor Who at that precise time. My first ever Doctor Who storyline was also a number of other firsts:
- The first (and actually the only) Doctor Who story where Sylvester McCoy confronts the Daleks.
- The first Doctor Who story to actually SHOW how Daleks get up stairs.
- The first Doctor Who story to feature Ace as the fully fledged new companion.

I thought Ace was great straight away. Sure, she was a tomboy essentially. She wears a black bomber jacket, she makes explosives and she can handle a baseball bat pretty well. She's a companion who is prepared to face right up to a Dalek shouting "Who are you calling small?" She actually has a love interest in "Remembrance of the Daleks" but I wasn't concerned with that and was happy when it didn't work out. After all, at just five years old I wasn't interested in lovey-dovey stuff.

I had a brief stint working my way through re-watching some of the series I saw as a child. I've also checked out a few other Cybermen-related classic Who storylines.

Doctor Who - Dragonfire

Okay, sorry, what? This cannot be Doctor Who. It is so ridiculous obvious that it is a television studio and a very brightly lit one at that. Doctor Who is being offered a treasure map (seriously?) and his companion is loudly and enthusiastically hamming it up like a cheery enthusiastic primary school drama teacher.

The introduction of Ace here is just weird. This is the first story where she turns up, but she doesn't become the companion until the very end. She's only just met the Doctor, but she gets started right away calling the Doctor "Professor"; a trend that would get existing Whovians extremely annoyed.

To read more about "Dragonfire" click here... )

Doctor Who - Genesis of the Daleks

Naturally I have already seen "Remembrance of the Daleks" a million times and I think its an absolutely wonderful Dalek story, so I decided to skip that one here. However, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. "Remembrance of the Daleks" is pretty definitely my favourite Doctor Who story of all time.

However, I decided to try out a classic Dalek story to see how well it stands up by comparison to Remembrance of the Daleks. I checked out "Genesis of the Daleks", the first story to ever feature the creator of the Daleks: Davros.

To read more about "Genesis Of The Daleks" click here... )

Doctor Who - The Happiness Patrol

This is definitely a step down in quality from the "Remembrance of the Daleks" storyline, but it's nothing like as slow and boring as "Dragonfire" and Ace is still awesome. On a planet in the future, the government has a strict rule that everyone must always be happy. Anything negative or sad is banned and punishable by death.

I'd heard that this was supposed to be a critique of Thatcherism, but Thatcher would certainly have no trouble letting experience sadness. It's not until towards the end of the final episode that we finally have a confrontation with the Doctor which gives us some idea how Thatcher might have any relation to the dictator on this planet at all. I mean sure, we see protests by workers, but that's hardly unique to Thatcher.

To read more about "The Happiness Patrol" click here... )

Doctor Who - The Greatest Show In The Galaxy

This storyline is creepy as hell. The story takes a long while to actually get going, but what we DO get is a clear sense that something is seriously wrong with the Psychic Circus which Ace and the Doctor are visiting. This is Doctor Who with evil clowns and our first view of the main evil clown is when we see a black hearse driving along and see him revealed within when he winds down the driver-side electric window. Meanwhile we see other workers from the circus making a run for it but, apparently, being tracked by kites with a giant eye painted on them.


To read more about "The Greatest Show In The Galaxy" click here... )
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Over the past year I've been making my way through all the Star Trek films. I'd seen most of them before, but I'd missed out several of them after they started being about the "Next Generation" crew. I'm actually almost entirely ignorant of the content of the tv series. (Of what I've seen of the tv stuff, my fondest memories are of Deep Space Nine.)

In many ways Star Trek is a lot like Doctor Who. Naturally there are some big differences, but there's a few things that need to be understood when anyone gives their opinions on something to do with Doctor Who or Star Trek.

Star Trek and Doctor Who both represent old classic cheesy sci-fi. The writers, producers, etc. for both franchises are often trying to do something new and different but without the resources to make it work well.

However, as a result of this any failings in production values and sometimes also actors' performances are often made up for by sheer charm.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)

Often disapproved of by Trek fans, this movie had a big name director (Robert Wise) and many of the effects were strongly inspired by "2001: A Space Odyssey". It is a source of complete bemusement to me that this wonderful beautiful and deeply atmospheric film is often shunned, while the long pretentious and meandering Kubrick film is revered as a cinematic classic.

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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

After "Star Trek: TMP" was deemed a failure, the budget went WAY down and BOY can you tell. I don't know that the pacing is vastly improved here and perhaps I'd care about this film rather more if I were familiar with the appearance(s) of Khan in the original series.
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Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (1984)

The cheapness of "Wrath of Khan" continues here, but without the compelling plot or villain. As cool as it might seem to have Christopher Lloyd ('Doc' from "Back To The Future") playing the main Klingon baddie, he's rather lacking in nuance. Though that's partly how the character has been written.

The scientists discovering a reanimated Spock (of sorts) have to do a fair bit of sciency explanation without really having terribly compelling characters to make their parts interesting.

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Update: Okay apparently there is at least one person on my f-list who doesn't want to know who the new Doctor will be and actually expects to avoid being told (even though they've probably heard accurate rumours already). For that reason the wonderful news is now hidden under a cut, but trust me, there's really cool stuff in under there. Check it out!

This is the twelfth Doctor! (Or is it thirteenth now that John Hurt is apparently the incarnation in between McGann and Eccleston?)....
Find out below... Plus really cool videos and my own discussion... )
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(Via Tough Tink)

On Topless Robot yesterday Rob pointed out a new Amy Pond toy who has the accessories of:
• Mobile Phone
• Picture Frame with Photo of Amy and Baby Melody
• Apple with Smiley Face
• Marker Pen with Lanyard
• Raggedy Amy Doll
• Raggedy TARDIS
• Raggedy Doctor Doll
• The Pond's Invitation with Envelope
• Necklace with "A" Pendant
• Wristwatch


I think some more sensible accessories to cater for actual Doctor Who fans would be:
Pirate sword + pirate hat
Sonic probe/screwdriver (that she built herself) + robot slave (named Rory)
Memory-protecting eyepatch (for facing the Silence) + machine gun

Also her facial expression should either be intelligently inquisitive or ultra-serious/angry. (Perhaps she can have more than one attachable head so you can choose what expression you want?)

Any more suggestions?


Aug. 4th, 2012 03:30 am
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Oh yeah, series 7 is coming....

I wasn't able to resist watching the big long trailer for the new Doctor Who series, but perhaps you can. Anyway, just going to place this link here. If you have the willpower not to click on it so you can go into the new series entirely unspoilt then let me just tell you, it looks AWESOME.

Oh yeah, and that IS a "special weapons Dalek" from the best Dalek storyline ever...
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Excellent article on Io9 explains the different styles that the Doctor Who show came to have over the course of its history.

It makes a lot of sense and it's really interesting to think how these different elements came to be mixed and matched in order to shape the show as we see it today. It's also good to see some recognition given to the quality of storytelling during Ace's run as the Doctor's companion.

Dalek: "Small human female sighted on level three."
Ace: "Who are you calling small?"
*Smashes up Dalek with baseball bat enhanced by the power of the Hand of Omega*
Dalek: "Under Attack! Under Attack!" *Ace breaks off the eye stalk* "Vision Impaired!"
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The Doctor Who TV blog are planning on running a poll of the best moments from Series Six. At the moment they are asking for nominations.

Personally I reckon the best moment, though it certainly isn't from my favourite episode, is from "A Good Man Goes To War"....

"Do you want me to repeat the question?"
Explanation - Spoiler for "A Good Man Goes To War" )
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So yeah, this is about all the interest I've taken in the whole thing tbh. Monarchy is mainly for the tourists really....

(Via DoctorWhoTV)
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Okay, so that's just a parody, but some of the real ones look particularly daft.
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Wow, a whole load of stuff turned up.

First of all check this out:

Click on image for the Deviant Art account....

Cosplayer shows that it's actually possible to leap about in a Lara Croft outfit:

Click images for the Deviant Art gallery.

Also, here's a cat that looks like Voldemort:

Filmdrunk says:
"A British cat was abandoned when its owners failed to realize how awesome it would be to have a cat that looks like a Harry Potter villain.  It’s sad, people can be so shortsighted I mean cruel."
(Via Filmdrunk)

Even more cool s*** under the cut... )
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Link to article about Conservative MPs comments and also featuring horrible Stormfront poster which I am not about to feature on my blog.

In short: Yes, a burkha ban is f***ing racist dammit!

Update 1: Image from article recommended by [ profile] midwinterspring  about the recent ban on the burkha in France, to make this post look pretty. :D

Update 2: Technically the burkha looks like this. When people use the term to refer to the particularly extreme style of dress found in Aghanistan, the term for that style of dress is a "chadri".
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Who uses a spear? A real man uses a jammy dodger! :p
St George is a third of the reasons for Henry V's rousing battle cry, which is now mostly appropriated by adverts for sporting events. Other than that, and our crusade-inspired flag, George has not much to do with being English in the 21st century.

So I suggest a new one: The Doctor, the shape-shifting time-travelling guardian of humanity from Doctor Who. In fact, the Doctor shares many striking similarities with St George. Both are dragon-slaying outsiders, fighting on foreign shores to protect their adopted people. But we know so much more about the Doctor, and thus can proudly and sensibly sing his praises. If we as a people demand collective narrative from legend, we might as well make it a ripping yarn.

The Doctor possesses so many traits of Englishness to which we should all aspire: defiance and good humour in the face of adversity; a sense of style that is at once individual, traditional and contemporary; a special brand of cheeky conservative rebelliousness; a humbling reliance on hot companions. Follow your spirit and upon this charge cry God for Harry, England and the Doctor!

Or for those of us who were Doctor Who fans back in the 90s, how about Ace? :D

(Via IO9)
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Ah, watching the new incarnation of Doctor Who has been a somewhat punishing experience, but then again so has been my trips of nostalgia into old classic Doctor Who series. Oddly enough the standard for me has always been the Sylvester McCoy story "Remembrance Of The Daleks" which was my first ever Doctor Who story.

The new Doctor Who series has been a mixture of absolutely fantastic moments and horrendously cringe-worthy moments (often in the same episode and sometimes even in the exact same moment). In this degree, it's not really so different from the classic series I guess. Still it's been notable that some of the best episodes have been from Stephen Moffat and some of the most awful episodes (especially the series finales unfortunately) have been from Russell T. Davies.

Still Davies has done some good episodes. He co-wrote the Children Of Earth series which took the Christmas Invasion intro scenario of threatening extra-terrestrials making demands of the government and looked at what happens if Doctor Who doesn't turn up straight away and kiss it all better. (I realise that die-hard Torchwood fans were often disappointed by COE, but as someone coming to the series without the background of the previous two Torchwood series I thought it was brilliant.) He also wrote Midnight which was an absolutely fantastic exploration of a simple but effective idea. (The lack of long speeches from the Doctor and the simple realism of the little gang of characters involved makes me seriously doubt that Davies actually wrote it.) We would have thought that when making the final finale of Doctor Who ever, he'd be on his best behaviour..... Yeah whatever...

(BTW I'm not bothering with big caps lock spoiler alerts. This is your lot. I'm going to presume you've seen it already, so if you haven't then you read on at your own risk.)

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(Read the movie review...) )

(The following review includes a short summary of the endings of the four Doctor Who series, each one written by Russell T. Davies. Spoiler tags are made as clear as possible and the relevant section is placed after the main body of the review and my rating for this TV series. You have been warned. As always there will be as little in the way of spoilers for the programme I am actually reviewing as possible.)

(Read the series review...) )


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