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Justin Timberlake song altered so that it's a metal song. And it's SO good!

(video link)

Andy Rehfeldt does some absolutely amazing genre-switching like this. Check out his Youtube Channel for more awesome stuff if you haven't heard of him before.

He also sometimes does "Radio Disney Versions" of songs where he changes heavy metal songs into cheesy rock. One of the first songs I ever heard from this guy was his radio disney version of "Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot. (If you haven't heard the original of that one it might be worth checking it out for comparison. The joke works better if you know what it's supposed to sound like.)

(video link)

On a separate note, anyone not yet heard this awesome mashup of Korn and Taylor Swift? Jonathan Davis' voice is just so amazing.

(video link)
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Jonathan Davis with his microphone stand designed by H.R. Giger. (Yes, seriously.)

I've long been a big fan of Korn, but it's been hard to get particularly animated when their last decent album (though admittedly my personal favourite) was Untouchables, released back in 2002. After that, first there was an okay album that seemed to be trying to revert to their old style, then an attempt to go a bit more poppy, then another album which felt similarly poppy and then finally another attempt to revert to their old style with absolutely no good songs on it whatsoever.

Now they've released an album where every song is conjunction with some kind of industrial and/or dubstep artist. The best songs are in conjunction with Skrillex (whose video seems to be doing the rounds on the internet right now). The songs in question are embedded below:

Get Up (featuring Skrillex)

(video link)

Narcissistic Cannibal (featuring Skrillex and Kill The Noise)

(video link)

The new album is called "The Path Of Totality" and it sounds absolutely brilliant. A real surprise and it just goes to show that Korn are at their best when they try to be a bit more experimental.

Also there's a rather amusing review at the AV Club which tells us that it's worse than sludge. I remember when there were nothing but glowing reviews for Blur's (now thankfully forgotten) album "13". Music criticism is such BS.
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(video link)

This song has been going around my head constantly for the last few days. It's so insanely brilliant.

And if that doesn't impress you, how about this other song where Daffy goes METAL? (Iron Maiden fans definitely need to see this.)

(video link)

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Now that there are five Coheed and Cambria albums, I decided to make a best of album and I'm most happy with the initial songs I've chosen. These are the songs that have really stood out for me.

If you haven't come across Coheed and Cambria before, they are essentially a progressive metal band, but they are often mistaken for an emo or post-hardcore band. The mistake is mainly due to the tendency for lead singer Claudio to sing in a rather high pitched voice. Essentially whether you like Coheed or not will depend on whether you find the lead singer distinctive or offputting.

Read more (about the accompanying comic series)... )

So without further ado, the songs.

1. Radio Bye Bye
Album: "No World For Tomorrow"
(Youtube link)
Notable lyric: "Why are you afraid of what you've done?"
Calling out someone's hidden guilty feelings. There's always been something I've liked about songs which are jolly, but suggest darkness beneath the surface in their lyrics. When I was younger I was a big fan of Suzanne Vega and was quite shocked when I discovered that the sweet cheerful song "Luka" is about a girl being abused and lying about it. Still, Radio Bye Bye has lyrics which are much easier to sing along to and it's a lot of fun.

2. Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial)
Album: "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star"
(Youtube link)
Notable lyric: "Ten speed of God's blood and burial, Ten speed of God's blood and burial...."
When I first heard this song I had no idea that a ten speed was a bicycle. It was quite odd to read the comic that accompanies this album and see the comic writer referring to a bike as his "ten speed". The meaning of this song is a lot clearer than others. The comic writer is arguing with the bike about whether he should kill off the love interest in his comic or not. As usual, I'm less interested in the meaning and more interested in the music and singing along "ten speed of god's blood and burial!" The absurdity of those words just adds to the fun. It's actually probably my favourite song of all Coheed and Cambria's albums.

Also "Apollo", from the album title, is the comic writer's dog. *facepalm*

3. A Favor House Atlantic
Album: "In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth"
(Youtube link)
Notable lyric: "Good eye sniper, I'll shoot you run"
This is widely recognised as one of Coheed and Cambria's best songs and it's probably their most popular one. The music video they made for it seems similar to the sort of thing you'd expect from Bowling For Soup aimed at the emo market. What the video doesn't make clear is that the song is linked to a science fiction comic about a couple who are being expected to kill their own children. At very least the song is about enlisting a sniper to kill someone, but that doesn't stop the music and lyrics from being very upbeat.

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(Video link)

Before you watch the video above, it may be necessary to check out the original song "Bodies" by Drowning Pool.
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At a Therion concert in London. YAY!

And I decided to try out my camera occasionally. Even in spite of the darkness, my extreme unfamiliarity with the camera's controls and the odd lack of battery, I still managed to get a few decent pics. First of all (since they look better shrunk down a bit) here are some photos where I was zooming right into the action:

Most of my best pics seem to be after the band came back for an encore. The two female singers changed into bizarrely colourful outfits for the final section of the concert:

More pictures and info under the cut...

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Anyway, it seems someone has put the entire concert on youtube, starting with this video here.
Also, here's an embedded vid of the best version of their song "Siren Of The Woods" I've seen so far. (And I was there! YAY!):
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To see just how this compares with the original Lady Gaga song you can check it out here if you want.

Original Behemoth song "Ov Fire and the Void" below:
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This monk was converted to Heavy Metal by a Metallica gig. He's a fully believing Roman Catholic, but he doesn't see his gigs as a means of converting people to Christianity, but simply "converting them to life". Also, he's not afraid of using the metal horns.

I have to say, this stuff sounds really really good! :)

Another vid after cut )
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Scandanavian 'Battle Metal' band Turisas at the awesome Download Festival performing a cover version. Awesome stuff!


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