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Naturally it's pretty hard to read those little signs in the picture above. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield held those cards in front of their faces when the paparazzi were photographing them.

Emma Stone's card reads:

Good morning! We were eating and saw a group of guys with cameras outside. And so we thought, let’s try this again. We don’t need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do.

The card then finishes with an arrow pointing to Andrew Garfield's card. His card reads:

(and don’t forget:)

Here’s to the stuff that matters. Have a great day!

Isn't that cool? Larger images of the individual cards are under the cut....

Click here to reveal larger images of their cards... )

(Via Filmdrunk)

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Just spent a while working out that I am now not allowed to post a comment to Youtube as "Fatpie42" any more.

I was a little confused at first, but now it all makes sense. You can't just post a comment on Youtube any more. You now have to be part of Google+, which is basically just Facebook only owned by different company.

Google seem to be trying to systematically ruin everything they provide that I enjoy. First it was Google Reader. Google Reader no longer exists. (Thankfully I now use Feedly and it's working pretty well so far.)

And now it's Youtube they are trying to ruin for me. I hadn't been following my subscribed channels that closely recently, but I certainly don't want people on Youtube knowing my real name. Now when I post comments I have to be known as Phil, because apparently I cannot use the name "Fatpie42" because it's not a real name. Never mind that it's the name of my Youtube account and that all my OTHER comments are in that name.

Oh, and when I post comments it asks me a load of stupid questions about who I want to share the comment with. Gah!

So yeah, this is stupid and frustrating as hell. Please sign this petition to get them to stop being so blooming daft, yeah?

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So, the Oscars ceremony rolls around again and we see yet more of the typical boring arguments about which films were picked by old white men who form the judges panel. There's criticism of Seth MacFarlane for not being funny enough, as if it was normal to expect comedy gold during the show. However, the Oscars continue to somehow hold respect within the industry, so each award received continues to make a serious statement. Possibly even a political statement sometimes.

However, I'm not convinced that I've ever heard of an Oscars-related issue so politically charged before. Sure, the lack of recognition for black actors has always been an issue, as have other inequalities in the industry related to gender, sexuality, disability and so on. However, in this particular case, unknown to most of the viewing public across the globe, there was a protest taking place outside the Oscars this time in relation to the plight of visual effects workers.

As the time came around to hand out the Oscar for visual effects, there was a brief suggestion on stage that visual effects work needed proper recognition at the ceremony. Samuel L. Jackson seemed oddly cagey at this stage, seemingly insisting that the visual effects award be rushed through. After lamenting some difficulty handling the envelope, Jackson announces that the winners of the award are the team who worked on "Life Of Pi".

They read out a long list of people to thank, but before they even reached the end of their pre-agreed list, the theme from "Jaws" began to play loudly. The speaker spoke louder to be heard over the music. Having finished the list of 'thank yous' he then began to make reference to their company's financial difficulties. It was at this moment that his microphone was turned off. There was to be no mention of these difficulties during the Oscars ceremony (at least not indoors).

The shocking thing is that the team suffering from those 'financial difficulties' is, in fact, filing for bankruptcy. The visual effects team "Rhythm and Hues", which also worked on another nominee "Snow White And The Huntsman" that was similarly profitable, is going bankrupt because the film studios have failed to pay them. Their workers, who are directly responsible for the success of "Life Of Pi" at the Oscars, have not been given their basic wages.

While the Oscars shoo the visual effects team off the stage within the ceremony, one protest board outside reads "WILL MATTE PAINT FOR FOOD".

There are clips from the Oscars all over youtube, but it is rather harder to find this clip of the visual effects winners being cut off when receiving their award. Hopefully this clip is still working.

(video link)

You can find out more information about this in the following links: fe-of-pi/ Oscar-Red-Carpet-35967.html ptcy-vfx-artists-protest-the-academy-awards


"Several hundred people reportedly congregated outside the Dolby theatre in Los Angeles as the stars walked the red carpet, demanding better treatment for the artists who make the spectacular visuals for blockbuster movies possible. The protest was planned after the well-known Rhythm & Hues effects house filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week, shortly after winning a Bafta for its work on Life of Pi....

"When the visual effects team behind Life of Pi attempted to draw attention to Rhythm and Hues' plight during their acceptance speech for the best visual effects Oscar, they were cut off by the band as the speech went on beyond the stipulated limit.

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Okay, so when Google acquired Youtube suddenly they wanted to combine the two accounts. Fair dos.

But recently I keep getting asked on Youtube in different ways to change my user name to my real name. I keep picking the option that says that I don't want to use my real name - and I keep getting asked again anyway.

Google, I do not want to use my real name online. Get over it, dammit!!!

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... the answer is "pretty damn horrible", okay?

Y'see Ireland has this law whereby abortion is made illegal. It's not actually supposed to include cases where there's a danger to the mother, but that didn't stop the recent ridiculously unnecessary screw-up. The law actually doesn't really so much stop abortions as make them extra specially difficult because anyone who wants one has to travel specially to the UK to get the procedure done. Of course, that's not really feasible when your fully intentional pregnancy has gone awry and you are in a severe condition in an Irish hospital.

This lovely lady is called Savita Halappanavar. She died tragically a week after being admitted to a hospital in Galway where she was found to be miscarrying. For three days she asked for doctors to terminate her pregnancy but this was refused on the grounds that: "This is a Catholic country." Apparently her response that she was neither Irish nor Catholic made no difference to this (she was Indian and Hindu).

Dr. Jen Gunter explains:
...“Miscarrying” at 17 weeks can only mean one of three things:

A) Ruptured membranes
B) Advanced cervical dilation
C) Labor (this is unlikely, although it is possible that she had preterm labor that arrested and left her with scenario B, advanced cervical dilation).

All three of these scenarios have a dismal prognosis, none of which should involve the death of the mother.
Since Savita was told that the doctors would need to wait until the foetal heartbeat stopped before they could intervene, Dr. Gunter has a number of possible explanations, all of which are horrible:
As there is no medically acceptable scenario at 17 weeks where a woman is miscarrying AND is denied a termination, there can only be three plausible explanations for Ms. Hapappanavar’s “medical care” :

1) Irish law does indeed treat pregnant women as second class citizens and denies them appropriate medical care. The medical team was following the law to avoid criminal prosecution.
2) Irish law does not deny women the care they need; however, a zealous individual doctor or hospital administrator interpreted Catholic doctrine in such a way that a pregnant woman’s medical care was somehow irrelevant and superceded by heart tones of a 17 weeks fetus that could never be viable.
3) Irish law allows abortions for women when medically necessary, but the doctors involved were negligent in that they could not diagnose infection when it was so obviously present, did not know the treatment, or were not competent enough to carry out the treatment.

What we do know is that a young, pregnant, woman who presented to the hospital in a first world country died for want of appropriate medical care. Whether it’s Irish Catholic law or malpractice, only time will tell; however, no answer could possibly ease the pain and suffering of Ms. Halappanavar’s loved ones.
And it only gets worse...

This is Senator Ronan Mullen. He's decided to take this moment to announce that: "he hoped protestors outside the Dáil would not use the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar as an argument for legislating for abortion."

Yes, because clearly a woman dying from being denied an abortion is NOT the time to start asking questions about access to abortion, right? No, instead it's the PERFECT TIME to start denouncing any such idea and SHAMING anyone who even dreamt of bringing up the matter, obviously! *facepalm*

(Reminds me of the pro-gun guy who got upset that people were suggesting that the Colorado shootings
might indicate that gun control was lacking. But at least he was just some random guy on the internet and not a public figure in a position of authority.)

Meanwhile the minister for health, James Reilly, reckons that it's too early to say whether ties to a Catholic ethos were at fault:
Speaking in the Dáil this evening, he said we "could not pre-judge" the situation, adding he had no evidence to suggest a Catholic ethos at the hospital prevented the pregnant woman's life from being saved by a medical termination.

Okay, fair enough, I suppose that's true. However, if we consider Dr. Gunter's words, Reilly appears to be ignoring the seemingly inevitable consequences of what he's saying here. If the Catholic ethos was not at responsible for this tragedy, either through Ireland's Catholicism-determined anti-abortion law or in through the practices of the medical staff at the hospital, then there is only one possible alternative. That alternative is that the medical staff involved were abysmally and ludicrously incompetent.

In the meantime there are candlelit vigils across Ireland in response to this tragedy. One might have hoped that the Irish authorities would take it a little more seriously.... D':

(Guardian - Ireland should change abortion law)
(Dr. Gunter considers the case)
(Reilly: No evidence Catholic ethos prevented Savita's life from being saved)
(Pharyngula weighs in)
(Images of vigils and protests)

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First Michael Gove tells the striking teachers that there's no money.

Then he announces that the government can afford to provide every school with a copy of King James Bible (where clearly the language is perfectly suited to schoolchildren *facepalm*) specially published with a foreword from Michael Gove himself! (What a treat!)

"It's a thing of beauty, and it's also an incredibly important historical artefact. It has helped shape and define the English language and is one of the keystones of our shared culture. And it is a work that has had international significance."

The King James Bible is of so much significance that they cannot bear for school children to miss out. Meanwhile, teachers' pensions? Who cares about those, eh?

There just isn't enough facepalm for all this s**t. Jesus f---ing Christ...
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After this young woman’s father was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, he was told by the doctor to take it easy since he’s a manual laborer. Yet he went back to work full-time, working 12 hours a day, six days a week. She writes, “The cancer still grows. That is the American dream.”
(Via ONTD_P)

This is about the daughter of an immigrant to America. She has decided to post one of those "we are the 53%" notes on a notepad about why it's so great that they, or their family, works ultra-hard for low wages and have a marginally decent to low quality of life. In case anyone doesn't know about this yet, some people have been countering the "Occupy Wall Street" movement against financial corruption in the banks by using the slogan "we are the 53%". It's a reaction to the "we are the 99%" slogan which distinguishes its members from the 1% of the population who are millionaires or billionaires and seem to be beyond reproach even in cases where massive global economic catastophe can be tied to them. "We are the 53%" refers to the half the population or so who pay income tax.

They see themselves as arguing something like this.

The idea seems to be Tea Party-esque, hard libertarian logic that if you haven't got a job you need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get one even if there aren't any and stop leeching off of the state by demanding healthcare, a living wage, to be treated like a human being and suchlike. Or something.

I quite liked this comic on the issue:

While on the one hand it shows how conservative attitudes in the US make it hard for them to identify with the movement, I think it also says something about the "crackpot idealist" image the Occupy Wall Street movement has gained. Hippies are all for peace and love, but rarely have a long term practical plan.

Anyway, turns out that the Occupy Wall Street movement actually have genuine demands. Who knew?
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There are two sides to every story, but sometimes one of those sides is mainly BS.

With the recent story about France banning Muslim prayer my first reaction was that it was absurd. But then I thought about it...

Read more... )
(Main Source: EuroNews)

Muslims using the new space provided after the recent French ban on Muslim prayer.
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Suspension of the Defection Process

In April of this year, the Catholic Church modified the Code of Canon Law to remove all references to the act of formal defection, the process used by those who wish to formally renounce their membership of the Church.

Since then, the Catholic Church in Ireland has been reflecting on the implications of this change for those who wish to leave the Catholic Church. Despite our requests for clarification, the Church have yet to reach a firm position on how or whether they will continue to accept requests for the annotation of the baptismal register.

In recent weeks we have been contacted by an increasing number of people whose defections have not been processed, due to the limbo created by this canon law amendment.

Because of this uncertainty, we have taken the decision to suspend the creation of declarations of defection via from today (12th October 2010).

In response to this, the Church in Ireland released the following statement to RTE News:

The Holy See confirmed at the end of August that it was introducing changes to Canon Law and as a result it will no longer be possible to formally defect from the Catholic Church. This will not alter the fact that many people can defect from the Church, and continue to do so, albeit not through a formal process. This is a change that will affect the Church throughout the world. The Archdiocese of Dublin plans to maintain a register to note the expressed desire of those who wish to defect. Details will be communicated to those involved in the process when they are finalised. Last year 229 people formally defected from the Church through the Archdiocese of Dublin. 312 have done so, so far this year.
Article continues here: (Source: The Irish "Count Me Out" website)
(Via The Friendly Atheist)

As if it wasn't hard enough to defect from the Catholic Church already. The article proceeds to explain that there are some countries where a formal document is required to avoid paying a Church Tax. There are also some requirements in relation to marriage.

Have the number of people wishing to defect from the Church really risen so high that they find it necessary to shut down the process entirely? Have organisations like "Count Me Out" been providing for a growing need in places like Ireland in the light of certain scandals in the Church? Then again, hasn't the Church always been rather disinclined to let people leave and wasn't the decision to prevent formal defection simply inevitable?

Removing references to defection from Canon law seems quite extreme whether looked at from the perspective of strong believers or defectors. Surely making sweeping deletions from the Canon law in relation to this issue is a little desperate?

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A collection of photos of poor spelling at the teabaggers' protest has the following description:
These are signs seen primarily at Tea Party Protests. They all feature "creative" spelling or grammar. This new dialect of the English language shall be known as "Teabonics." 

You can find the whole collection here. But below are what I consider to be the highlights. (I've also followed each image with a comment from the flickr page):

I was going to honk until I saw your grandma's sign. : (

This is a common theme in the protests. Anti-immigrant sentiment based around the ability to speak English - with poor spelling.

More under the cut... )

ah, sh*t, ah ment tah do this afore ah started drinkin'

What cracks me up about this one is not just the extremely colourful clothing the guy is wearing, but also the high level of concentration on his face as he writes it. It doesn't look from the photograph like he's rushing this sign at all, yet anyone seeing the finished product would surely presume that was the case.
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Well so much for the BS that no moderate Muslims ever protest against Islamic extremism (which has been an increasingly bizarre discussion on the freeratio forums recently). In an earlier post I pointed out that, while disagreeing on Baroness Warsi's views on secularism, I was strongly in favour of her condemnation of Islamic extremism. She particularly pointed out a group known as Al Muhajiroun which had been protesting against soldiers returning from Iraq. Read more about Al Muhajiroun on the following wikipedia page or you can click here for specifically the controversy.

So without further ado, a recent counter-protest to an Al Muhajiroun spinoff group (known as Islam4UK) by the British Muslims for Secular Democracy. (Muslims4UK were also involved in their own counter-protest and on a less positive note so were BNP-affiliated "English Defence League".)

(Via MediaWatchWatch)

(Via BHA)

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Anyone who is not already familiar with Blaghag's excellent blog should check it out post haste! She's the president of her university's Non-Theist Society and the level of energy she puts into the role should be an inspiration to us all. She was quite heavily involved in the Creationist Museum visit with P.Z. Myers from Pharyngula.

Anyway recently she had her society doing some pastafarian preaching for 'dress like a pirate' day. The intention was to indicate to people how ridiculous a method street preaching is for putting forward your point of view and reminding people that religious views should always be open to criticism. It just so happened that there was some homophobic fire and brimstone preaching on the same day.

Anyway, they made into the local news:

And they also have their own footage of the event:

Sadly there was some misreporting from one of the local papers:

They didn't misquote me...they just completely made it up!
The Society of Non-Theists at Purdue University were at Memorial Mall by coincidence to talk about Pirate Day.
“When we found out he was here we made signs to refute his arguments,” Jennifer McCreight, president of the society and senior in the College of Science. “I don’t think it’s disrespectful that we’re here because it’s rude that he’s here.”
What the hell? I never said anything even resembling that. I got to talk to the reporter for about five seconds, and all she asked me about was how non-theists felt on Purdue's campus. I talked about our flyers being torn down, prayer at graduation, being in the minority...yet somehow they quoted me as saying that?
Maybe one of our members said that, but I most certainly did not...especially because it's false. We did not make signs to refute his arguments. We had the signs left over from last year. We didn't even know he was coming until after we planned our event. And the second line doesn't even make sense! Gah!
Bonus video: Blaghag's friend gives a quick Hebrew lesson in the Creation Museum:
Bonus vid... )
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Quick note before I begin. Shoxore, you should really watch the vid below!

Okay, I was just reading Pharyngula's blog and, for once, the blog entry wasn't about religion, atheism, or biology. Instead he was talking about police tactics against protesters in Minneapolis. The main focus of the article was on the arrest of peace-activist Amy Goodman for conspiracy to incite a riot.

Click here to read Pharyngula's article:

The thing which really surprised and shocked me, however, was this video of a protester holding a flower. Watch what happens:



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