May. 17th, 2014

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Godzilla (2014)

When I first heard about this film it sounded like one of those crazy internet rumours. Garth Edwards had managed to produce a quite stunning film using a combination of appropriate location shots and carefully planned low budget visual effects.

Gabe Toro's main criticism of "Monsters" was that the use of sites wrecked by real natural disasters was exploitative. However, the more common criticism was that for a movie called "Monsters" it contained remarkably few of them appearing rarely.

To hear that he was now being entrusted with an enormous budget of millions of dollars to make a new Godzilla movie seemed almost like a joke. Would he even know how to spend millions of dollars? Would Godzilla actually ever be seen during this movie?

Yet strangely "Godzilla" seems to be the reverse of "Monsters". While "Monsters" made the human characters central and kept the actual monsters firmly in the background, providing quite a beautiful expansion of the central relationship, "Godzilla" has little in the way of a compelling human drama (at least, not consistently through the film).

In spite of the extensive cast: Sally Hawkins (Made In Dagenham, Blue Jasmine), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass), David Strathairn (Good Night and Good Luck) they don't seem to get the character-centred moments they deserve.

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