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Just discovered this bizarre trailer for the movie "Wolf Cop". It's from the director of a recent horror film called "13 Eerie". One actor who seemed more familiar, Jonathan Cherry, turns out to have been one of the stars of "Final Destination 2". He played a drug addict and acted as comic relief in the film.

I'm always up for a good horror comedy and this has potential.

(video link)
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Frozen (2013)

I had high hopes when I heard this was made by the creators of Tangled. Then I had low expectations when I saw the trailer. Then I was suddenly told it was marvellous by everyone. So the other week, we finally decided to give it a go. (Great thing about childrens' movies is that they stay in the cinema for weeks and weeks.)

Now there were three things that I loved about "Tangled". The hair effects (particularly when she does a whole action-movie bit swinging across a chasm), the horse (OMG the horse! So funny!) and the relationship between the daughter and her mother. It was cool the way we had a villain who felt like a real person for a change. And it was even rather creepy the way that the mother figure was possessive and manipulative like you'd expect from a real person rather than, say, Skeletor.

There was something I really didn't like about Tangled though. It wasn't a huge issue, but it did leave it with an "A-" instead of an "A+". That was the songs. I hated the songs. I found every song was a period of time I would have to sit and wait for things to start happening again. It was never something I actually enjoyed.

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Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Okay so ironically we move from a film where the worst thing for me was the songs (Frozen), to a film where the best thing about the film was the songs.

I love the Coen Brothers' movies a lot and it has come to my attention that every single last one of them is a black comedy. Heck, even something that seems pretty light-hearted like "Raising Arizona" is about a couple who kidnap a baby. That should not be sweet and cheerful stuff. The sweet and cheerful portrayal is not because the Coens' don't care about baby kidnapping, but because there's a darker side to the story. There's a cheerful nihilism in the background of the Coens' movies, laughing at the misfortunes of the characters. Heck, what other filmmakers would start a movie with a man happily doing a running job in order to commit suicide from his office building? ("The Hudsucker Proxy" btw.)

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Okay so initially I saw the godawful trailer for "Frozen" and all the interest in another movie from the creators of Tangled (my review of "Tangled" here) just felt entirely smothered and smooshed out by the clear suggestion that no one older than 5 would have any interest in this. The problem was the bizarre cuts straight after lines from the snowman character as if those were intended as fantastic one-liners.

Anyway since then [ profile] gothrockrulz posted the following awesome scene. I've also heard wonderful stuff about the whole premise behind the snowman character on the Kermode and Mayo podcast which makes me a lot more interested in that character now. Frankly, they'd have been better off just using this scene as their advert for the movie:

(video link)

So here's the interesting bit. An ex-LJ blogger from my f-list [ profile] beckielric has apparently moved to tumblr and it was there that I found this awesome re-interpretation of the above video. Check it out:

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He may not think he's a good doggy, but zomg is he adorable!!!

(via SMBC)

Quick explanation: Hobbes claims that a "state of nature" is a society without rules i.e. a state of anarchy, such as you'd find in the more chaotic periods of a civil war. (Hobbes himself lived through the English Civil War.) Under a state of nature, as Hobbes puts it: "life is nasty, brutish and short".

For Hobbes, the whole purpose of a society was to avoid this state of nature. That is why we all agree to follow the laws of the land, such as those proposed by a King.

However, there is always the risk that society might collapse and we might revert back to a state of nature. In that case all out rules concerning what is good would be somewhat irrelevant since people would act out of desperation in whatever way they needed in order to survive.
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Gabe Toro (aka [ profile] fabfunk) has written a rather awesome spoilerific takedown of the latest Star Trek movie. That was pretty cool and I'm sure not everyone will agree. However this led to claims by some commenters that this challenge to J.J. Abrams' film was somehow a stain on Gabe's reputation as a film critic.

I think this is all the funnier if you've seen the ridiculous spectacle of New-Spock crying out a villain's name that he first heard just a few hours ago. It really is the equivalent of Vader's "NOOOOOO!" in "Revenge Of The Sith".

See Gabe Toro's awesome article which preceded these comments either by clicking here or on the image above...

I don't always agree with Gabe, but I think he's completely on the money this time. The article also includes an ingenious reference to the movie "Spaceballs".
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Awesome hilarious animation video about a guy who meets aliens, from the creator of "Pingu Vs The Thing".

(video link)
(More vids from Lee Hardcastle here)
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Okay, so I'm not exactly blown away by Obama. He's still pretty right wing, but that's typical US politics. The idea of accusing him of being a 'socialist' just because he wanted to offer the poor a slightly better healthcare deal is such a joke. I seriously don't get some of the rhetoric in America: 
"Hey, how about we make the public schools better?"
"FREE education? Are you some kind of a SOCIALIST or summat? Subsidise home schooling 'cause that'll help the people who actually pay INCOME TAX, otherwise we'll know that you're really some kind of Communist Nazi Hitler Guy."

So yeah, anyway, the Republicans seemed to go more absurdly right-wing than ever. I remember when we all thought George W Bush was ridiculous, but he's looking like a fairly moderate Republican by comparison to the new stars of the GOP. So thank goodness that the latest ultra right-wing satire-fodder didn't actually get elected. (I'm sorry if this sounds insulting, but I could totally believe there were enough Americans stupid enough to elect that guy.) I think liberal Americans need to demand more of Obama, but with an opposition like that I don't think they are going to get very far because, hey, who else are you gonna vote for?

So um, congratulations, I guess?

Anyway, so far so depressing (albeit with a pretty large sigh of relief, admittedly), but there's a silver lining! The election may have been one long slog somehow managing to be in equal parts boring and terrifying, but it did mean that we could get this video from a rapid Republican-supporting youtube lady. And Filmdrunk has the perfect accompanying pic (which I hope shows up below, but the Filmdrunk article is here just in case).

"FACEBOOK! TWITTER! ALL tools of the left!"

Without further ado, here's the crazy "Butterscotch lady" video. (Contains a lot of swearing btw.):
(video link - embedding disabled unfortunately)

Mirrored video here (hopefully this embed will continue working...):

(Via Ms Daisy Cutter)
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[ profile] rhoda_rants decided to do this new meme so I guess I ought to follow it. If you are interested in sharing your current desktop image, the rules are pretty simple:
1.) Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper. (So yeah, that's mandatory right?)
2.) Explain in five sentences or less why you're using that wallpaper!
3.) Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! (Coz that's cheating!)

I'm a big fan of the Metroid Prime series. "Metroid Prime Trilogy" is like my favourite game of all time. I also love the colour effect on this pic. It's just generally really cool. There's a tumblr blog I follow especially to find new awesome Metroid pics.

(My desktop pic originated here)

Also.... ever wondered who would win out of Samus Aran and Boba Fett in a DEATH BATTLE?

(video link)
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What the hell does that even mean???

(Via Roboshark)
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Seriously.... best frikkin' SMBC comic ever....
(Via SMBC Comics)

I'm afraid this is all one image so there's no way to put it partially under a cut. Hope you all think it's as worthy of the space on your f-list as I do. :)
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(Via Heavenly Nostrils @ GoComics)

Just discovered that the comic artist who did the excellent "I Drew This" comic has a new strip called 'Heavenly Nostrils' about a girl and her unicorn. It's BRILLIANT (though you probably ought to read it from the beginning).

Dana Simpson (previously known as David Simpson) made the "I Drew This" strips during the Bush era. Here are a few links to some of my favourites:
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

The "I Drew This" Archives are here

Another comic I've discovered that's really good (though it's more plot-related than comedy) is "Strong Female Protagonist". It takes superhero themes in a new direction by starring a female superhero who has decided to give up crime-fighting upon discovering, from her arch-nemesis no less, that they are both being played for fools. One of the early parts of the story involves this former heroine marching at an Occupy Wall Street protest demonstrating very clearly how superpowers can sometimes be more harm than good, particularly when things get political.

(Via Strong Female Protagonist)

There's a rather neat article on the "Strong Female Protagonist" strip here.
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... then this is downright twisted!

Haven't seen anyone mention this yet. There's an absolutely ingeniously weird and funny tumblr blog called "My Boyfriend Is An Engineer". It features a variety of little cartoon images which generally seem to be messages of love unless you've seen the Prometheus movie and know the actual context.

Some more favourites under the cut. (SFW????) )
(Via "My Boyfriend Is An Engineer")
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Cat's entertainment, with tabby Martin Harper


A feline perspective on the latest cinema releases, by cat Martin Harper.

I’ve been trying to get into Prometheus (15) for weeks but the cleaners keep chasing me out. I bet Peter Bradshaw doesn’t get harangued out of screenings by an overweight woman with a hare lip and a broom. Anyway I finally had success this week after nine hours of waiting by the screen door, purring. The film itself is quite confusing. Something about Noomi Rapace getting spayed with a lazer coupled with some musings on the origins of mankind, which it’s hard to care about when you’re a cat. I found a pair of discarded 3D glasses on the floor but they were much wider than my head so I could only look through one lens at a time, which didn’t seem to have the desired effect. I went to sleep twice although I don’t count that against the film because I like sleeping.

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(Via Daily Mash)

The above is not my own work. Please check out the Daily Mash for more super amusingness. Other film-related articles include:
Darkest Ever Batman!
Pre-Nup Gives Tom Cruise Sole Custody... Of Thetans...
Also (rather more political, but still with a movie tie-in):
House of Lords Reform Will Involve Muppets

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New awesome Cracked video. YAY!

(video link)

Also anyone not following the new tv series from the freddiew youtube channel "Video Game High School". It's utterly crazy and it just gets better and better. (Now up to episode 7 btw.) :D

(video link)
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(Via Bors Blog)

More details on the news story in this article here. That article also includes a poll where nearly 10% of votes currently say that it was okay to censor a woman for using the word "vagina" in a debate about abortion. Please do your part to lower that figure. :)


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